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Windows VPS hosting refers to a Virtual Private Server that runs on a Microsoft operating system called the Windows Server. It is an ideal option for those looking for a reliable, cheap, and a completely secure hosting solution. Windows VPS provides an all-in-one plan where customers get all the features at an extremely affordable price.

At Miditech, we take a lot of pride in providing top-quality Windows VPS services at competitive rates. Using the best technology available, we bring speedy, reliable access to businesses. Our Windows VPS hosting India plans are designed for high-quality performance and are a middle ground between our dedicated and shared hosting servers. Our offering includes a rock solid performance along with an exclusive environment which is normally possible only with dedicated servers.

Features offered:

  • Full Control Root Access
  • VMware Enterprise Edition
  • Multi-homed Network
  • Enterprise-grade Infrastructure
  • 1-4 VCPU
  • 1-8 GB RAM
  • 50-250 GB HDD

Why choose us?

1. 24/7 Support +011-41187778
Our experienced support team is capable of helping you with any question you may have regarding your virtual private servers. We normally resolve most issues in the shortest period of time.

2. Uptime Guarantee
Miditech guarantees that your server will be up and running 99.99% of the time. We monitor our virtual hosts constantly to offer you unrivaled uptime.

3. Redundancy
If a power failure occurs, all our datacenters are prepared to automatically use backup power source.

Apart from greater performance and stability, our Windows VPS Hosting clients benefit from access to an exclusive VPS environment. With complete admin level entry, our hosting account holders can install customized applications that other hosting providers don't allow. Windows VPS environments at Miditech are furnished with all software, frameworks, and control panels to offer the best user experience. Our Windows VPS comes managed by Miditech's quality support team. You are offered the advantage of the exclusivity and reliability of a dedicated server at less than half of the price.

For more information on Miditech's Windows VPS hosting India, feel free to call our customer care number today!


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