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Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Server Virtualization is a hosting solution that is cheaper than a dedicated server and solves the problems of a shared hosting environment by allocating resources for each webmaster and allowing every server to run separately from the other. VPS can also handle incompatible processes to run on the same server without any interaction or overlap, making the use of server more efficient.

What is the working behind our VPS Hosting in India?

The technology behind Virtual Private Servers can be compared to Virtual Box or VMware. These programs help to run numerous virtualized operating systems on a single machine. For instance, your desktop may be running on Windows 7, but you may also use other operating systems such as Linux or Windows XP without the need to restart your computer. Moreover, all VPS servers come with a user-friendly cPanel that can be utilized to upload files, secure your server, manage domains, and perform a variety of tasks to make sure your server runs smoothly.

The figure displays how a VPS server actually works. All VPS account holders can choose their individual setup components, operating system, and restart it any time without causing any damage to the other servers. The biggest benefit of using VPS is that even though the servers will be sharing the same hardware, they will function separately from each other.


What is VPS Hosting?

VPS is abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. The term is used for highlighting that the virtual server, even though running on the same computer as other client's virtual servers, is in several respects functionally equal to a separate computer, is devoted to the individual client's needs, and can easily be configured to run server software.

What are the benefits of using a VPS Servers?

  • Full control: VPS hosting offers complete control to users. You can setup the OS (operating system) as you like, install your desired software and control panel, and manage your server without any limitations.
  • Better reliability and security: virtual private server hosting is more secure in comparison to shared hosting because it gives you the ability to install strict firewalls. Apart from this, every VPS hosting account has its own private mail server and unique IP. Hence, your mail service cannot be blacklisted because of abuses of other clients sharing the same mail service as you.
  • Affordability: VPS hosting is a lot cheaper than a dedicated server, although it comes with the features that can match a dedicated server. This form of hosting is the best choice for medium to small sized business websites.
  • Guaranteed resources: no matter the situation, the RAM, CPU, bandwidth and HDD that has been allocated to you will always be available for you to use.

Can I install any software on my VPS Hosting package?

Because you are given full root access, you can easily install any compatible software. However, software that violates our Usage Policy will not be allowed.

Is it possible to install control panels on my package?

Yes. You can install control panels, for which we will bill you separately. We offer our customers an automated installation process to make their control panel setup quick and easy.

Can I upgrade my VPS plans?

Yes. The VPS plans we offer are extremely flexible. This means our customers can downgrade or upgrade their existing plan instantaneously and during any time.

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