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 How do I Add a New  Domain to Virtualmin?

   A Virtual Server is an account in Virtualmin, that includes a website, email, and FTP access all associated with a domain name. Virtual Servers have an administrative account called the Virtual Server Owner. The Virtual Server Owner can create additional email addresses, ftp accounts, and websites, subject to the limits set by the Reseller or Master Administrator who created the Virtual Server.


    To add a new site/domain (Virtual Server) to Virtualmin please use the following steps.


  1. Login to Webmin
  2. Select Virtualmin
  3. Select  the Create Virtual Server option

 4- Fill in the required information for the domain

 5- click Create Virtual Server on the left sidebar. You’ll be taken to a page similar to this,


Note :

  • Domain Name – This is the domain name of your website.
  • Administration username – This is the admin username for this virtual server. You must use it to upload files to your server through FTP. This is also your MySQL database name and MySQL username.
  • Administration group – The group admin user belongs to.
  • Home directory – Default directory for admin user. You’ll be connected to this directory when you connect to your server through FTP or SSH. There is a folder named public_html within this directory. You must upload your website files to public_html directory.
  • IP Addresses – This is the public IP address of your website. You should point your domain to this IP address.

Virtualmin is now ready to host your website. You can connect to your VPS with a FTP client now and start uploading your website. Remember to use Administration username and password to login. Using root account or any other account will cause permission errors on your website.




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