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Cron Jobs Setup Using Virtualmin

You can change, add, modify and delete cron jobs using virtualmin panel. Please
login to virtualmin control panel and use following steps to setup cron job.

You can setup cron job for specific site using virtualmin control panel using
following steps.

1. Login to Virtualmin panel using domain/site username and password.

2. Click Webmin on the top-left.

3. Click System.

4. Click Scheduled Cron Jobs.

5. Click Create a new scheduled cron job.

6. Choose the user to run as, and input the username in Execute cron job as. To
run as the administrative user, input root .

7. Enter the command to run into the Command field. For example, if you want to
receive a list of all running processes, enter ps auxw for the command.

Note: For scripts of php, pearl.,etc we need to provide the complete binary path of the same, the cron should be in the form: (/path-to-binary/ /path-to-script/).                                                        
 Example: For executing a php file script via cron, use /usr/bin/php instead of just php. Similarly , use /usr/bin/perl instead of just perl for executing perl script via cron.

8. Normally, you can skip Input to command. That’s only used if your command
requires input after it begins running.

9. Choose how frequently to run your command. By default, it will execute
Hourly, meaning it will execute at the top of the hour, every hour.

10. To enable the Cron job, click Create.




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