As organizations embrace cloud services, many are considering an additional layer of data protection to safeguard their sensitive data stored in the cloud. Although many of the top cloud services are built on highly secure platforms, your sensitive data can still be at risk of inadvertent or malicious exposure without this extra layer of protection. And if you are subject to data security or privacy regulations, strong encryption coupled with the proper management of your encryption keys can be a critical element of your compliance program.

Data encryption in the cloud is the process of transforming or encoding data before it’s moved to cloud storage. Typically cloud service providers offer encryption services – ranging from an encrypted connection to limited encryption of sensitive data – and provide encryption keys to decrypt the data as needed.

All the Cloud Providers endow built-in service encryption services like these prevent unauthorized free access to your system or file data without the decryption key, making it an effective data security method.

Keeping information secure in the cloud should be of top priority. Just taking a few preventative measures around data encryption can tighten security for your most sensitive information. CloudOps succeeds in pursuing Cloud security guidance by CSA (Cloud Security Alliance). CloudOps ensue below key engagement process to achieve the same.

  • – Encrypt Data Before You Upload It
  • – Secure Access With Cloud Cryptography
  • – Protect Data at Rest & In Transit With a Cloud Access Security Broker
  • – Use Encryption Through Your Cloud Services Provider
  • – Map Your Security Needs for Your Cloud Deployment