For IT leaders at any stage of their cloud journey, there is an overwhelming volume of financial data to manage. Most teams lack the tools and experience necessary to make data-driven decisions to optimize their cloud spend.

CloudOps Cost Optimization is a managed service helps you gain visibility into your cloud spending and ensures your financial objectives are achieved during – and after – your move to the cloud.

CloudOps Cost Optimization provides clients with:

  • – Smart application tagging and mapping of actual spend, enabling application owner accountability
  • – Smartly provision unused reserved EC2s & downgrade underutilized instances
  • – Reconciliation of actual cloud costs back to business case ROI/TCO projections
  • – Stabilise your environment before using RIs
  • – Turning off or scheduling downtime for dev and test environments with custom automated scripts
  • – Reduced Redundancy Storage and Vaults for Data storage
  • – 30% cost savings on Application Hosting with Container Migration
  • – Analyse historical resource utilisation of resource propose optimization (general purpose, compute-optimized, memory-optimized, storage-optimized etc.)
  • – Monitoring and alerting of costs anomalies, with recommendations for cost optimization
  • – CloudOps expertise will identify and execute proven cost saving opportunities