Managed cloud services refers to outsourcing daily IT management for cloud-based services and technical support to automate and enhance your business operations.

For Information Technology endeavors searching for a more cost-effective way of managing IT infrastructure, managed cloud services will provide the answer.

IT consortium today are looking for new and smarter ways to get more from their IT infrastructure. By providing on-demand servers, storage, memory and bandwidth, managed cloud services enable IT teams to more easily optimize resources to deliver superior security, availability and flexibility. With a pay-as-you-go pricing model, managed cloud services enable organizations to reduce capital expense by provisioning only the infrastructure needed at any given moment. And with cloud services companies taking responsibility for monitoring, maintaining and updating virtualized infrastructure, IT teams are allowed to spend less time on routine tasks and more time on strategic priorities that have the power to move the business forward in important ways.

CloudOps Managed Cloud Services offers a planned approach to develop, deploy, and manage a cloud platform that addresses IT infrastructure needs such as security, scalability, availability, monitoring, disaster recovery, clustering and replication, automatic and on-demand backups, scheduled and on-demand maintenance.